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Think you know all the answers? Why leaders fail.


Learn to Learn. Leaders of some of the greatest business failures have been those who seemed to have all the answers. In truth, no leader can assume to know it all. Market conditions, business cultures and industry innovations are constantly changing and to assume there is nothing ‘new’ to learn, is to fail. Learning starts […]

A Free Yet Powerful Leadership Tool. Praise.

Giving praise is a simple yet powerful leadership tool. It costs nothing and can give an immeasurable return on investment. I was, therefore, surprised to learn of a recent Harvard survey that concluded that giving negative and corrective feedback is an integral part of the remit of being a leader, however, giving positive feedback and […]

High Performance = High Potential? Think Again and Look Closer

High Potentials

Fast track development programmes for high potentials within a business are commonplace in progressive organisations. These initiatives create a strong platform for succession planning and prove an essential initiative for identifying, developing and retaining talented employees who have the potential to be leaders of the future. However, the success of these programmes relies on being […]

10 Lessons learnt from writing my first book


I’m really pleased to share that my first book Potential – Find it. Own it. Work it. has just been released. And it’s already achieved #1 Amazon Hot New Release & Bestseller status. My journey to create and write Potential has been motivational, challenging and rewarding in equal measure. As I begin to reflect on […]

The Dynamics of Potential

Many of us are capable of more than we realise. Many of us could achieve much more than we ever thought possible – realising and fulfilling our full potential. The Dynamics of Potential is an innovative business model aimed at being the best you can; optimising your talent. It’s about enabling you and your team […]

Reverse the way you view mentoring


It’s widely acknowledged: creating a culture of coaching and mentoring within an organisation positively influences employee engagement and retention rates. Traditionally, mentoring is a top down process. With a more experienced individual offering support, encouragement & advice to someone less senior to themselves. But is this approach becoming outdated? And limiting? Organisations might be able […]

Taking strength from your comfort zone

Comfort Zone

Many argue that you need to leave your comfort zone to become professionally fulfilled. However, there are many positives for staying in your zone. Executive Leadership Coach, David Guile, shows how you can gain strength from being in your comfort zone.

New Year = New You? Keep it real – for maximum impact

David Guile Executive Leadership Coach

The start of a New Year is traditionally an ideal time for reflection – a chance to set goals and aspirations for the year ahead. A New Year can mean a New You. A clean piece of paper from which to plan for successful and productive times ahead. A fresh start, where you can challenge […]

Sharing My Gold Medals With a Double Olympic Champion

Successes David Guile Executive Leadership Coach

Sharing my gold medal moments with a double Olympic champion     I was delighted to accept an invitation to present alongside Alex Gregory at a recent event in London hosted by Stanton House. Alex was part of the record-breaking rowing team and won gold at London and Rio in the coxless fours. The presentation […]

Does your thinking limit your success? How a coach can add value to you and your business

Coach David Guile Leadership
Forward looking companies are recognising that business coaching can support individuals to achieve levels of performance that may not have been possible if left to their own devices. Coaching is an enabling process. It can benefit individuals by changing the way they think especially when their thinking limits their success. It supports executives and businesses [...]

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