To consistently deliver exceptional differentiated service, leadership has to evolve and change with the times – become a Future Facing Leader.

5 key attributes of Future Facing Leaders –

1. Adaptability – adapt your style and approach dependant on the individual, the team and the business growth cycle. Learn and adopt new approaches rather sticking with what you already know.

2. Humility – be humble. Become ‘outcentric’ – focusing on others rather than yourself.. Be inclusive rather than exclusive. Use your power to empower others

3. Inspire – lead the future with positivity and purpose. Create followers by what you do rather than what you say. Create a forward thinking vision and purpose that inspires.

4. Challenge – be the agent for change. Encourage creativity. Challenge the norms and take risks. Learn to be comfortable with uncertainty and the unknown

5. Opportunist – create future development opportunities for everyone. We are at our happiest when learning and growing. Give feedback and take feedback. Empower others to make mistakes and to learn from them.