How comfortable are you in your comfort zone? Many argue that you need to leave your comfort zone to experience new challenges, to learn and grow, to become more successful and professionally fulfilled. Indeed, society and business invariably demands we should leave our comfort zone to see what we are capable of.

When faced with such opinions, it’s easy to see your comfort zone as a place that holds you back. To consider the negatives rather than the positives.

However, this isn’t the full picture. There are in fact many positives for staying in your zone.

5 reasons for staying in your comfort zone

  • It builds self-confidence and confidence in others
  • You develop high levels of experience and knowledge within your existing environment from where you can provide support to others
  • It provides personal and professional stability
  • You build strong and lasting relationships
  • You gain happiness and contentment by being true to yourself

Try asking yourself the following questions.

If you’re comfortable in your comfort zone, how is it perceived by you and by others?

Is your comfort zone a strength, one that reflects your professional stability and loyalty?

Or can your comfort zone be perceived as a weakness, highlighting a lack of ambition and adversity to change and challenge yourself?

Recognise and embrace how a position of comfort might be perceived as a strength. And use this to your maximum advantage.

And if you need to step out a little of your zone, try making your comfort zone a little more uncomfortable, for you to develop and fulfil the potential within you. Rather than leaving it altogether.

By understanding and working it properly, your comfort zone could be the place to provide you with the opportunity to make your greatest contribution.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make yourself comfortable.


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