Month: January 2017

Reverse the way you view mentoring


It’s widely acknowledged: creating a culture of coaching and mentoring within an organisation positively influences employee engagement and retention rates. Traditionally, mentoring is a top down process. With a more experienced individual offering support, encouragement & advice to someone less senior to themselves. But is this approach becoming outdated? And limiting? Organisations might be able […]

Taking strength from your comfort zone

Comfort Zone

Many argue that you need to leave your comfort zone to become professionally fulfilled. However, there are many positives for staying in your zone. Executive Leadership Coach, David Guile, shows how you can gain strength from being in your comfort zone.

New Year = New You? Keep it real – for maximum impact

David Guile Executive Leadership Coach

The start of a New Year is traditionally an ideal time for reflection – a chance to set goals and aspirations for the year ahead. A New Year can mean a New You. A clean piece of paper from which to plan for successful and productive times ahead. A fresh start, where you can challenge […]


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