Do just enough to get by. How to manage & minimise your weaknesses. 

Our weaknesses invariably drain and de-motivate us and it’s not uncommon to spend a great deal of time, resource and energy to try and overcome them. Why spend quality and precious time on things that we don’t enjoy and that may only produce limited results and minimal impact?

Instead, take a more strategic approach to re-addressing weaknesses and learn what is needed to get by.

6 simple ways to manage and minimise your weaknesses: –

  1. Admit and accept that weakness exists and be comfortable with it. Everyone has weaknesses and you are no different
  2. Effectively manage the weakness. Spend more time and positive energy on developing and fine tuning your strengths. By focusing on what you are good at, you will feel more confident and create a stronger foundation and mindset to tackle your weaker areas
  3. Be in control. Avoid putting yourself in situations where your weaknesses may be highlighted
  4. Be prepared. If you do find yourself in a situation where your weakness may be exposed, then be as prepared as possible. Excellent preparation can make up for a lot and will increase your ability to deal with any scenario with which you are presented
  5. Get good enough. A weakness doesn’t have to become a strength and most likely it won’t, regardless of the time you spend on it. Do place importance however on learning and managing it, and getting good enough to get by
  6. Use the strengths of others. Delegate to and empower others whose strengths complement your weaknesses

Take control of your weaknesses and allow yourself more time to focus on your strengths and making them stronger.

In conclusion, manage your weaknesses from a position of strength and do just enough to get by.

David Guile is an Executive Leadership Coach. Having worked his way up through all the managerial levels within the hospitality industry to CEO, he combines hard-won experience with a robust coaching methodology to provide insights, support and direction to help emerging leaders find, own and work their potential and the potential of others.

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