Facing a setback? Teach yourself how to bounce back.

Simple steps to start building your resilience.

Not everything in business will go to plan and turn out how you envisage it – not every decision you make will be the right one – despite your best intentions.

The recent UK election is a testament to that.

In this unpredictable world, we all need to be prepared for the unexpected barriers, challenges and setbacks that we will invariably face. The challenge is how you react to them and how you bounce back from them.

The best leaders, when faced with a setback, delve deep and discover their inner strengths to tackle them head on, not allowing the problem to take them off course. They know how to refocus, re-energise and remain determined to overcome the setback.

Resilience Leadership

Being resilient means we have the strength to learn the lessons we need to learn and the wisdom to move on to tackle further challenges from a position of strength and positivity.

The most resilient teams and individuals aren’t the ones that don’t fail or haven’t suffered any setbacks or adversity, they are the ones that fail, learn from their failures and thrive because of them.

The good news is that resilience is a learned behaviour and can be self-taught.

Some simple steps to start building your resilience:

  • Learn from your setback – every setback has the power to teach you something as a result. Don’t dismiss your setback but see it as an opportunity to learn and grow
  • Commit to moving forwards – revisit your goals and purpose and find compelling reasons to commit to them to move forwards
  • Maintain perspective – try not to blow events out of proportion, nor to generalise. Be thankful for what you have
  • Practise positive thinking – reframe the setback to see some good and not just the bad. Use positive thinking to your advantage
  • Take personal control – you have a choice as to how you respond to a setback. Your reaction and the subsequent impact to you is within your control. Understand the difference between the things within your control and those merely under your influence
  • Making do. Overcoming obstacles means having to improvise a solution to a problem when you don’t have what you want. Resilient people make the most of what they do have

David Guile is an Executive Leadership Coach. Having worked his way up through all the managerial levels within the hospitality industry to CEO, he combines hard-won experience with a robust coaching methodology to provide insights, support and direction to help emerging leaders find, own and work their potential and the potential of others.

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