Who is comfortable calling themselves a leader?

This was my opening question of my keynote speech at a recent leadership development conference.

To my surprise less than 20% of the delegates responded positively, prompting the debate that we can all have different interpretations and opinions on what ‘leadership’ means. (…)

The distinction between management and leadership is well documented but firstly let me share my view on what leadership is not –

• A title

• Power or autonomy

• Something so big that very few of us achieve

• Changing the world

So what does leadership mean to me?

Simple actions that inspire, motivate and influence and that can have a significant positive impact on others. Adding value by something you say or something you do.

Behaviours such as being supportive, setting goals and coaching to success, listening , empowering, praising, challenging , recognising achievements and providing opportunities for personal growth.

Leadership doesn’t have to be something big and unreachable. It can be simple, personal and authentic to you.

Whether you see yourself as a leader or not you can demonstrate leadership behaviours now. Don’t wait to be officially told you are a leader or until you believe you are ready – leadership isn’t a position or a title it’s a mindset.

Think like a leader and you will act as a leader.

All of us are leaders but some of us just haven’t realised it yet

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