Why 8 out of 10 employees aren’t doing what they do best every day.

Gallup survey found that organisations focusing on maximising the natural talents of their employees increase engagement levels by an average of 33% per year. 

This result prompts two key questions –

  • Are you aware of the individual strengths of your team members?
  • Are you utilising their strengths on a regular basis to maximise performance?

The survey concluded that less than 2 in 10 employees felt that they are given the opportunity to do what they do best every day.

Invariably in appraisals or reviews, most of the time is spent focusing and discussing the weaker areas of performance as opposed to identifying and developing the stronger ones…so why not change your approach? :-

  • Focus mostly on strengths and their natural talents
  • Help to identify individual strengths and invest & plan to develop them to make them stronger
  • Understand how often the business plays to individual strengths

Take action to utilise team members strengths and their natural talents in the business to maximise performance.

The research found that building upon the strengths of a team member is a far more effective approach to enhancing and maximising performance than working on weaknesses. When team members identify and utilise their strengths they become more engaged, more motivated, perform better and are less likely to leave the business.

Great leaders and organisations not only recognise that each team member will have their own unique strengths but they capitalise upon them and maximise their benefit to the individual and the business.

Consider developing a strengths-based approach to your team and business and spend more time on embracing and enhancing your strengths and the strengths of others.

Play to the strengths of your team to maximise the strength of your business.

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David Guile is an Executive Leadership Coach. Having worked his way up through all the managerial levels within the hospitality industry to CEO, he combines hard-won experience with a robust coaching methodology to provide insights, support and direction to help emerging leaders find, own and work their potential and the potential of others.

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